Questions for me?

H-J カービイ said:
Now, how did you get your username TOPPER1?
Now this is a long story:

1) I needed an e-mail address so I used a random name that's similar to my name (!) so I used topper.
2) I couldn't use topper@... so I added a 1 in it to make topper.1@...
3) I never really used the name until I started creating games, then I called myself topper.1 (dot being pronounced)
4) When I signed up something (can't remember what) I couldn't put the dot in so it was just topper one.
5) I eventually stuck with topper1 without the dot.

MeleeMaster64 said:
OK, I have a board ready, but now how do I post it?

Upload an image of it here, copy the