Quest-ions anyone?

Luma Party said:
How come you joined the forum?
Well, when Mario Tennis Open was announced and I was searching for information on release dates, playable characters and general information etc. I stumbled across this website and noticed the main-site provided a range of detailed up-to date information. After around a month of reading articles, I thought, 'let's have a look at what their forum is like' and I just loved the layout, and had nice people with similar interests. So, that's when I decided to sign up. :)

Luma Party said:
Why did you wait so long to get a blog?

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while now but I haven't had much time lately to keep it up to date. I still don't really but in just a few weeks my work load will be finally be over. Plus it's my 1 year anniversary today from joining MPL so I just decided to go for it. :)
I really like your choices although I know a couple of them have glitches. xP Lunar spaceway is a very deserving winner though. Although it doesn't seem like it, it is one of the maps that requires skill to win. :p Plus it's in space which is a bonus. Its quality is just as good as the official ones, but then again, so are the other 10 you've chosen!

I especially like Lunar Spaceway, Incendia Castle and GCN Bowser Castle and Yoshi circuit (which I always seem to get a gold mushroom in the first item box and develop a lead so huge I end up winning). :p