Post your Progress!

Feel free to post your progress as you make your way through the game. If you worried about spoilers (in a Mario game?) then watch what you read.

Got the game this morning and now I'm on... 5-2. With all the Star Coins collected. The game goes really fast so don't give me that look. :p I heard that it is supposed to pick up in difficulty after World 8 so I might be  in for a slowdown in a bit. :p
Right now I'm in Special world 5 going through and collecting Star Coins that I missed. And actually, I at first didn't notice that finishing with a "gold flag" was anything important until today. Now before going on, I'm going back to all the previous levels to get the gold flags. :p
Polar said:
I'm on W6-Airship with around 10 levels that I haven't gotten all star coins on. The W6 Airship is the hardest level for me so far.
They will get harder. Don't worry. :p

I haven't touched the game in a while but I'm at the point where all I have left is to play all the levels as Luigi and get some more golden flagpoles. I want to play that final level.