Pink 3DS

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Dang. And I just got one. :p The Pink 3DS is scheduled to come out October 20th in Japan. No word on outside of Japan. Could this be the reason you finally get a 3DS? :p

Pink 3DS? Nice, but I'll stick with Aqua Blue. These would attract females, mostly.

There's also news on the Pink DSi XL, which is out in North America very soon - on Sunday, September 18, 2011 - the day before Kirby Mass Attack is out.

Glad to see another color confirmed.

Still hoping there would be other colors such as Green, Purple, and Orange.
Nintendo 3DS Blog said:
Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS to be available in Australia and New Zealand this November

Nintendo has announced that the Lavender Pink colour for the 3DS (known as Misty Pink in Japan) will be released in Australia and New Zealand on the 17th of November, and I’d expect a similar announcement for Europe and North America soon enough too. You can click here to see unboxing photos of this new colour.


Nintendo announces that from 17 November, Nintendo 3DS™ will be available in a Lavender Pink. Now there is a Nintendo 3DS colour for everyone as Lavender Pink joins the already released colours Flame Red, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black and priced from only SRP AU $249.95*.

This year, Nintendo 3DS will welcome the arrival of Super Mario 3D Land™ 24 November and Mario Kart™ 7 in December. nintendogs™ + cats, which is currently available on Nintendo 3DS has also just been endorsed by the RSPCA! Plus all your Nintendo DS® games** are playable on your Nintendo 3DS.

Instead of being called Misty Pink, Australians and New Zealand get Lavender Pink 3DS soon in November. I hope Europe and North America get their own pink versions of the 3DS.
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