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Today, we will be talking about how to shove 3000 dildos up your special place.
Vipsoccermaster said:
Lakilester said:
Well, I will still win since I'm fantastic.

VIP is at 6,000 posts and no rank change... hmmmm. Oh yeah, didn't you say you would make a topic when you reached 6,000 posts VIP? :p
No, not for 6K posts. Too soon for that. Ironically, I managed to get 1,000 posts in less than 25 days.
Yea posting has been through the roof so I got like 500+ in the past week. :p
Possibly making a MP3 story, but with members replacing the characters. Here's what I think.

Millenium Star - H-J
Tumble - MLYW
Bowser - Aegis
Baby Bowser - Konata
Luigi - Sushi Boy
Wario - Ryou
Yoshi - VIP
DK - Cook
Peach - Berry
Mario - Chubbo
Daisy - Daisy
Waluigi - Snowy

Might add some extra elements but you get the point. This might become a story if I get interest from you guys.