Pagoda Peak

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What are your opinions on this board?
I LOVE this board.  I am a fan of Chinese/Japanese things and this board was original and fun.  It was linear but with the Canon Orb and changing star amounts it was awesome!  Favorite board in 7.  Was I the only one who found it funny in Solo Cruise where you have to pay 100 coins to the Koopa Master at the get a T-shirt?
Vipsoccermaster said:
It's a nice one-way board, though the star prices are sometimes a bit wacky, it's still a cool idea as Topper1 said. However, during Bowser Time, I hate it when Bowser destroys the bridges, you cannot proceed for a turn or two. It's annoying being stuck in one place.
I think Bowser Time is annoying in general, not just this board.
It's much worse in Grand Canal imo.
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