Nintendo Switch

Vipsoccermaster said:
Kaede said:
Controllers look just as awkward as the WiiU and Wii, no thanks.
Obviously you're not part of the target market. That's a shame, Nintendo lost you as a customer.

I just don't understand why they don't market the "Pro Controller" as the main controller while all these other gimmick controllers like the multiplayer and GamePad-like types are released as optional peripherals. One of the big reasons I stuck with PS4 is that they keep a consistent controller that works with every game, and only use gimmicks that suit the game you're playing. Nintendo trying to influence motion control on everything in the Wii era was annoying, and now we have the GamePad gimmick which just leaves me to conclude that it could be just another handheld system. I'm not impressed with the concept, but Nintendo hasn't "lost me".
ttwashere said:
design choices or feature omissions

They seemed to emphasize more on local multiplayer. Do you think they will cut back on Nintendo Network?
This reveal was exactly what I was hoping for. They showed off the idea in a cohesive, well thought out manner. Which is in stark contrast to the Wii U. The games they showed looked beautiful(Day of the Dead Mario style?) And overall they showed everyone watching that it is a new console, and they have 3rd party on board. They truly hit the nail on the head in terms of showing it off.  However it isn't without it's concerns. As a lover of Nintendo, I'll purchase it regardless, shamelessly I may add. But to some casual gamers or even PS4-XBone players, how can they show consumers they want this console if those 3rd party games are coming to Sony and Microsoft too. They need to list semi conservative price($250-$350?), and show us specs and battery life of the screen on the go. Despite these concerns though, I think Nintendo did exactly what they needed to. I mean it's already garnered upwards of 16 million viewers in 3 days! Overall very solid job from my favorite video game company, and here's to March 2017!  ;D