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Today's game is...

Mario Party 8 for Wii.

This is a mixed opinion game. Some people like it, and others hate it. And I'm on the side that likes it. People have said that the main reason why 8 is bad is because of its graphics. I've said this a bunch of times, and I'll say it again: Good graphics DO NOT make a good game. Seriously, who cares if it looks like a GameCube game? And I thought that the GameCube was a good system...

The boards are standard, even if there are only six of them. The first board, DK's Jungle or whatever it was called follows the classic formula the closest. Get to a certain point on the map where the star is and buy it for 20 coins.

Then you have Goomba's Boardwalk(or whatever it was called again). You simply go in a straight line and collect as much coins as possible so at the end you'll have enough to buy a star from Goomba. It's a simple board, but not what I'd call extraordinary.

Alright, let's move on to the minigames. I will admit that the ones in this game are a mixed bag. *cough*Flip The Chimp*cough* But I always had fun with them.

The story mode is ridiculous. Battle for a life time supply of candy? Yeah, this story might have been passable... If I was 10. Who battles for candy, especially if you're someone like Mario, a 30 year old plumber...

Everything else, I don't really have a comment on. The extras are just little tidbits you can get if you want that 100%, but they're otherwise not worth it. The Extra Bazzar or whatever it was, had some extra minigames, and I like how you can use your own Mii in these games. But there's otherwise nothing special about it.


Mario Party 8 is something you might be able to enjoy with a few friends, but I cannot guarantee it, with the mediocre minigames and the somewhat lacking boards. The Candy system is nothing new, it's just orbs with a wrapper slapped on it.

It gets a 6.7/10.
Accj21 said:
Dissapointed by the lack of mention for Koopa's Tycoon Town. It had an amazing unique concept and is my favorite Mario Party board of all time.

It was really just another version of Windmillville from Mario Party 7.

Alright, it's been a while, so I've decided to do another one.

Today's game is...

Conduit 2 for Wii.

This was one of the first FPS's I've played, with Onslaught & Water Warfare, both for WiiWare. I'll admit, I was kinda surprised, even though i'm not even in the genre to begin with.

I don't have a good grasp on the story, but I'll try to explain it the best I can from what I remember. You start out at the middle of an ocean on some kind of oil rig or boat. You have no idea what's going on, but you get up and apparently have a gun. When you get inside, you learn that your enemy is just this regular looking office guy named Adam. He tries to kill you with poison mist, but you escape from it in enough time. I'm not gonna say any more at the risk of saying a spoiler for those that want to try this game.

Anyway, the gameplay is what you expect it to be with a Wii Remote and A Nunchuck. Point to aim and press a button to shoot. It's kinda self explanatory, but the game tells you what the buttons are. The most confusing thing about it is that + is not pause, it's your hacking device. 1 or 2 is pause. A minor annoyance at first, but I got used to it, and you can reconfigure controls in options anyway. You can also use a classic controller to play, but I think I can be more precise with the Wii Remote because I've gotten used to those controls.

The game itself looks fine/average for a Wii game. I haven't seen any graphical issues when playing this game, so that's always good.

There's an online mode, where you can play with up to 12 people. And as you expect, you just try to shoot each other. There was even a specific accessory for this game called the Headset, where you could talk to people in game. I've never seen it with my own eyes before(Aside from it being depicted on the back of the box) but I assume that the voice chat works good. Oh, and before you say Nintendo WFC is shut down, I'm going to redirect you to Wiimmfi. :p


Conduit 2 is an alright FPS. The game itself may be a little short(I think I beat it in three days?) but it's still fun(Quality over Quantity). You can also play the game locally if you've got a few friends.

It gets a 8/10.
Okay, I've decided to only to do game reviews in this thread as of now.

Today's game is...

Sweet Home for NES/Famicom.​

This is an amazing game, especially for the NES. Too bad it only had a Japan release...(But that's probably because it was based off of the Japanese movie of the same name, which didn't come out in America or Europe...)

Anyway, this is an RPG, where you do turn based battles. The battle system is standard, with attacking, using items, running, and a special power called praying. This can do big damage to the enemy, if you have enough pray points. So nothing special here.

The story is that five people(You can name them, but I don't know their default names) have to go to an old mansion to preserve some frescoes(I dunno if this is the correct spelling) that belonged to the previous owners, who are now dead. However, there are some rumors that the previous owners are haunting the mansion itself. When the five people enter, they are blocked in by the previous owner's spirit or ghost or whatever. So now you have to escape, and find all of the frescoes.

If you couldn't tell by now, this is a survival horror RPG. Like resident evil. Did you know this game inspired resident evil? The more you know.

The five characters in the game itself are a regular guy(with a lighter), a cameraman, a nurse, a girl who has a key that opens almost every door in the mansion, and another girl with a vacuum. So each character has a special item to make them unique. The regular guy can burn down rope in the way, the cameraman can take pictures of the frescoes, the girl with the key, well, can open almost every door in the mansion, the nurse can heal you from various status effects, but cannot recover HP, sadly. And the girl with the vacuum can clean up broken glass on the ground so that you can proceed.

You can only have 3 people together, so you have to make careful choices who to put together, especially the cameraman, because you never know when you're going to find the frescoes. So there is some thinking involved here. Who do I pair up?

The graphics are pretty good, especially for NES. All the enemies look good, the mansion itself looks alright, just... No problems here. Some of the enemies actually frightened me and gave me nightmares for one night.

Oh, and before I forget, dying in this game is permanent. If one of the main characters looses all of their HP, they will die forever in a very gruesome animation. Seriously, if one of the male characters dies, he gets cut on the torso, splitting his upper body and legs. Luckily, there are some items laying around in the mansion to replace the main characters, if they do ever die. So you have to keep an eye on your party's HP levels. There's no stores or a person that sells you things, so you can only find tonics that will replenish your HP around the mansion.

The game is also pretty long. If you know what you're doing, you can probably beat it in a couple of days. If you don't, probably about three weeks. The saving is kinda odd, in my opinion though. You have to go to the menu, press save, and if you want to quit the game, you have to reset your console. Not really an annoyance, but it's just something I noticed...


I can highly recommend this game to anyone, especially if you're into horror. Everything about this is just so great. Thanks, Capcom.

Sweet Home gets a 10/10.

Again, I'm still taking review requests. Maybe you want me to review a bad or hard game next? I don't know, we'll see next time.
Wow, it had been a long while since I had done one of these. Guess I'm just lazy. So I'm going to do something different from the three game's I've already reviewed.

Today's game is...

The Escapists, for PC and various consoles/handhelds.

Right. So, this is a game where you have to escape from a prison. That's really it. You can name your characters(and your cell mates and guards), craft items, and use those items to escape. From the start, you have access to quite a few prisons. So there is some variety, from where you have to escape. There's also various ways you can escape. Cutting through the fence at night, digging a hole, going through the air ducts, etc...

In the start of the day, there is a roll call for all of the prisoners. If you do not attend it, well... Let's just say bad things will happen. After this, you have to eat breakfast(to regain some stamina. This game has a stamina system, where you cannot just do one thing for an infinite amount of time. Your character gets tired, and eating food is one way to make him able to do whatever you're doing again.) After this, you usually have free time or you have to do your job. Yes, you have a job in prison. It's usually the worst one though, like in the first prison you get laundry, and in the second you get gardening. It is possible to quit and apply for another job, provided that you have enough intelligence. Yes, your character had an intelligence meter. You can increase it by going on a computer or reading books. The best one, is usually metal shop, because it's the easiest and it pays the most. You have to get the person that's currently working in that job to get fired however. This can be done by making sure they don't compete the quota. The best way to do this would to be knock him out before he can enter the metal shop, and carry him far away. Oh, and when you knock people out, you can take stuff they have on them(even their prison uniform...) You can also go into other prisoner's cells and steal things from their desks, which may help you. You can also talk to your fellow cell mates, and up their "opinion" of you. When it is high enough, you can actually make them follow you and beat someone else up. So, make sure to be friendly to your fellow cell mates by talking to them and doing favors for them.


This was a pretty fun game. But, if you're not into a sort of escape aspect or puzzle(this game requires a bit of thinking), you may get bored of it after a few days. I can still recommend this to people, as long as they have the right taste.

The Escapists gets a 7/10.

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Kirby's Return to Dreamland for Wii
Mario Party 9 for Wii
Samurai Warriors 3 for Wii
Amazing Island for Gamecube
Gex: Enter the Gecko for Nintendo 64
And a mystery title. Not giving any hints on what this is. :p
Two things:

The Mario Party 9 review is postponed until whenever. The game costs more than I thought it would, so yeah.

Anyway, I've got another review.

Today's game is...

Gex: Enter the Gecko for Nintendo 64.

The game actually doesn't have a proper title screen, so I used the box art.

You're probably thinking: How did you get this out so fast? I remember most of this game from my childhood, and I had actually beat it once.

Gex is your average 3D platformer of the time(think Super Mario 64). Use the joystick to move around, and the C buttons to rotate the camera. The camera and controls are very dated of course. The camera kept freaking out over nothing and the control just feels off.

Anyway, in the game, you're dropped into the hub world as soon as you start a new save file, which is in some sort of ancient temple in the sky. You play as Gex, a gecko who watches TV. A lot. So much that he can actually jump into the TV screens and be in the show(being real subtle where you got this one, guys). There's three main themes: Cartoon, Horror, and Ancient Japanese warfare. These will usually be in the levels you play, so get used to them. But you've also got the Titanic, Space, and the prehistoric era. In these levels, you have to get a red TV remote, and some hidden white ones. Why? I don't know. The camera and controls can sometimes make this more difficult than it has to be(especially on a very precise platforming stage on the Titanic). So that sucks. There are actually some good puzzles in the game, and I commend it for that. Gex can bounce on his tail and can crawl on certain surfaces on the wall and ceiling, so you have to really look around sometimes to find what you're looking for.

The game looks like your average Nintendo 64 game. Everything looks like a polygon, so nothing special here. I do like the fire on the hub world though, and you can actually burn yourself with it.


The game is worth looking into, if you are into 3D platformers. You of course have to be aware of the camera and controls, as they may lead to unfair deaths. Some of the things Gex says when entering levels and/or idling are very dated jokes, so I cringe every time I hear them. If you enjoyed Super Mario 64, you may enjoy this.

Gex: Enter the Gecko gets a 6/10.
"NFan, what game are you going to review in Mario Party 9's place?"

Mario Party: Island Tour for Nintendo 3DS.

Let me give a little backstory first, before I start. On December 25th, 12:00 AM 2013, I opened a present that contained this game. I played it, and I thought it was pretty good. But then people on the internet were saying it was bad, and then I kinda began to thought that way, and since then I never really gave the game a fair chance. So here I am, giving it that chance.

I think the boards are alright. There's not really much for me to say here, but I like how some of the boards look. Essentially, on all of the boards, its "Get to point a to point B" in a straight/curved line. Not the most spectacular thing in the world, but not the worst.

The minigames are pretty good, actually. I haven't ran into too terrible ones, but some of them are just so easy there's no point of them being there... It's usually a hit or miss on this one.

I like the Bowser tower mode or whatever it was called. IDK why, but I enjoyed it, and I still do. I can't explain this very well, you have to play it yourself to understand. It's essentially, go up on a tower and win minigames, and beat bosses.


The game is not as terrible as everyone says it is. You should give the game a fair chance before you say "its total crap." Its a decent entry in the Mario Party series, even if different from the older ones. Change is not always bad.

Mario Party: Island Tour gets an 8/10.
I agree, Mario Party Island Tour is a decent Mario Party game.. But still one of the weakest.. It's kind of a let-down after playing Mario Party 9.

The minigames are good! A good number are great! (Gyro for the Gold is my favorite!) But a small number of them don't play well (Spin the Bubble) or are too likely to give you ties and that's pretty stupid. (Sky'd and Seek)

I really like the boards, the idea is pretty good! But they kinda ruined the idea by making pretty much all the boards too much luck-based, the biggest concern most of the persons had with Mario Party 9 wasn't fixed but even aggravated.. But anyway even with that flaw, it's still kinda fun.

The Bowser mode is easy at first but it's great! I dunno if you know but the most you play it, the harder it gets! It's pretty nice.  :p But for the rest.. The minigame mode is rushed (2 modes if you don't count Free Mode) and unlockables are pretty short...

It's a decent game but a meh Mario Party game... And to be fair, i like it! It has a lot of flaws but it's still fun and a good way to spend time! Not one my favorites but it's kinda harsh to threat badly a game i love to play so i agree with your review!  :-D
Next review:

Amazing Island for Nintendo Gamecube.

So I just want to mention something first: The back of the boxart says "Think of it as Pokemon meets Mario Party." Does it live up to that statement? We will see.

Essentially, the story of this game is that evil monsters have taken over an island, and you have to save it. Simple enough, right? Well, you can't actually do it yourself, so you have to make your own creatures to do it. Yes, you can create your own characters in this game. First, you have ti pick a skeleton(of various types), and then you have to draw the body parts. This is kinda difficult with the Gamecube joystick, but not impossible. Then, when that's done, you can color it and give it accessories, and finally name it. Now, you can go and fight evil... By playing minigames.

The minigames vary. There are some good ones, but some ones that are just very difficult and just piss you off when you get them. It may depend on your skill and point of view.

The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can play these minigames with up to three other people. So its standard, for a multiplayer mode.


The game is alright, and you can be really creative with the creatures you can make. You can unlock various colors and accessories when playing the story mode, so there is an award for completing it, other than "you beat the bad guys yay!" If you've got this game and a few friends, I'd recommend this to you.

Amazing Island gets a 7/10.
Bonus review because screw the rules:

Fortune Street for Nintendo Wii.

Disclaimer: I love this game, so I may sound a little bias. Sorry about that.

Fortune Street is a Monopoly like game for the wii, in the sense that you move around on a board and buy properties. Depending on which rules you use(Easy or Standard), the game experience is different. In easy rules, its essentially just Monopoly. Move around on a board and buy shops. But what's different is that there are suits all over the board(spade, heart, diamond, and club). When you collect them all, you have to head back to the bank(which is your starting point). You will "level up." It just means(in easy mode, anyway) you get more money to buy shops. If you buy shops adjacent to each other, they expand and you can invest in them for them to get even bigger. You have to reach the "target amount" in every Fortune Street game. When you invest in shops, and when people pay you, your "net worth" goes up. When it reaches the target amount, go back to the bank to win. There are also these things called "ventures," you get one if you land on a venture space or a suit. These have random effects, good or bad. These ventures could either screw someone over, make someone win, or just do practically nothing. This mode, I suppose, would be helpful for those new to Fortune Street(or new to this type of game in general), but I cannot get myself into Easy rules. Here's why: Standard rules.

To me, there's so much more strategy with Standard rules. In this mode, there are "districts" which contain at least 4 shops. Buying all of the shops in said district will give you total domination on it, and all of the shop's values increase drastically. There's also a stock market system. Buying stock in a district will increase the stock value, and therefore, give you money. If you invest enough in your shops, the stock value will go up. This is especially useful. Though, other people can ride on your success by buying stock in your district. So after leveling up, you can buy more stock, which is helpful since you just got a bunch of money to spend.

The game takes a while(after all, it is based on Monopoly). A regular Fortune Street game takes about 1 and a half hours. Though, this doesn't matter to me, because the game is fun. But, I think some of the choices they made in this game were weird. For example, you can only choose Mario/Dragon Quest characters if you're playing local multiplayer. And the difficulty depends on what character you choose. These choices may seem off compared to a game like Mario Party, but....

I say this game is better than Mario Party because of the online mode. Playing this game online is so fking awesome. It used Nintendo WFC, but people can just play it on Wiimmfi. People say that Mario Party shouldn't have online because people will disconnect because of the constant bulls*** that they may encounter in it, but I think it works well here. Yes, bulls*** things can happen here, but it doesn't feel as severe as it does in Mario Party. I think that's because, in Fortune Street, you always have a chance of recovering. You can only play as your mii online(and singleplayer offline) which is a little disappointing, but hey, you get used to it. You can even customize things your mii does(clothing, decorative "partners," and different actions when you idle or roll the die in game). So this makes up for it.


So, this is a simple board game where you buy shops, go around to level up, and then spruce up said shops. Even though that may sound boring, its actually pretty fun(and possibly even addicting) when you actually go play the game. This game is also especially better to play with friends(sometimes the computer can be weird, but not like Mario Party's computer). The online mode is a great way to play with people from around the world, if you happen to have no one to play with you where you live.

Fortune Street gets a 9/10.