My opinion on you guys and girls.

MattC:You are a very good member in here, you have lot of good ideas and you are a very good contributor to this forum. You know how to make us laugh and with you we can have lot of fun. You're jokes are funny. When you have an opinion on something you're not scared to tell it and you're a very good friend.
Daisy:Another good contributor to this forum. You are a very good member in here, you haven't made any trouble and that's very good. When you first join, I thought you were a big noob, but I was very mistaken, you're not a noob at all. Talking with you makes me happy and you seem to be happy most of the time. When you talk, you are very energetic. You are a very good friend and you even became my BFF.  :D Continue like that and never turn into something bad for the forum
Kingboo: You are a nice friendly member, you are a good friend with me and it's nice that you are the number 1 fan of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker! It's nice to talk with, so far you haven't been a bad guy and that stuff, that's cool. In one word, you're ''cool''!

Wolf:It's nice to see that you haven't made the same mistake(you know which one) and that's pretty nice that you did everything that was possible to keep your G-Mod position, cause you are a good one. You are very funny and very smart =P, you have lot of good ideas and you are a good friend.

Snowy:I have nothing to tell ya. You are like one of the most epic member in here, every post you make has something funny in it and like MattC you are really not scared to tell your opinion. Like most of the members you are a really good friend. Let's hope we will LBP sometime. ;)
H-J: I don't know you very well, but I know you enough to say something.  :p So far you have been someone I apreciate a lot. Like Vip(before), and now Aegis you have been a very good admin. I haven't talk to you that much since you're mostly active when I'm not here, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean we can't talk. :p When I first join, you were the admin I asked most of the questions and I really thank you for all your help, Vip was second  :p (now I have less questions to ask  :p)!!! I really hope you will continue your great work in here. You are a really good friend for me. ;)
Vipsoccermaster: When you quit your position of admin I was like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it can't be. Anyway, your one of my favorite member, cuz even if your not admin, you really help lot of members. You're funny, you're very very very nice and you're really cool. You're a good model to follow for those bad members.=P You're the oldest active member and it's fun to talk with people that have more experience. So you're cool!! :p