Mushroom Medic

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A mini-game in da "Extra Mode" of Mario Party 4. Mario Party 4 had a lot of fun features, and this mini-game was definitely one of them. In this mini-game, using the rumble features (or watching a heart on a screen), you would guess which patient was infected with a poison mushroom. You have to guess correctly to save them with a pill and gain a point. This mini-game ends when you guess incorrectly and give the pill to the wrong player, in which the disturbing scene plays of the actual INFECTED patient collapse and sirens play. What do you think of this mini-game?
I actually loved this one, but I hated how the max timer decreased to 5... Oh god I wish it was like 10 seconds instead. :p
I prefer playing without Rumble because I'm way more of a sight person than a feeling person. =P

My highest was like above 50 or so.

When the infected patient collapses I'm like oh damn X__x
I've only played this game about 3 times during the limited amount of time I got to play Mario Party 4 at my elementary school for (They had a Gamecube there with Mario Party 4, Mario Kart Double Dash, Sonic Heroes, and one other game I forgot (another Mario game, though).

It was a fun game to play through I found.
First time I didn't know what to do and failed instantly.
Second time, I figured out what to do and, once again, failed instantly. :p
3rd time I did really well. I don't remember my score, but I know I did quit because I got bored of it at one point (and I had to get back to class at that point).

Also - This was also during a time when I get special access to an area to study or do homework and they let me play that if I had none to do.
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