MSN to be discontinued/replaced by Skype

...please, if you don't know what this is, just search "Messenger discontinued" on the internet... it's everwhere... :what:
(Was actually recently told by Maxime, myself)

So apparently MSN is to be discontinued in favor of Skype (been announced a while ago - not sure why there was no topic before)... so everyone who uses it will have to switch over. Honestly, I find this stupid.
I don't really prefer Skype's way of talking through messages as much, nor do I like to video-call much. I was always on MSN instead.
About time I should start looking for another place to chat, like maybe AIM...

Goodbye, MSN. You did many well.
...just hope they make Skype as good as they are claiming it to be now. :what:
Well, that is disappointing. I don't use Skype nor do I video-call either. MSN will be greatly missed. I'll miss talking to Yoshiman222, Maxime, and Timmy on there.

We'll have to use AIM from now on or use that IM chat that we used to have here last year. But who knows if that will return? I still worry about being locked out.
MSN is the armpit of all instant messaging. It's format has always sucked and the customizations just scream uncreative hogwash from YIM.

They were smart in choosing Skype for their successor. Gotta look toward the superior project.
I used MSN since October 12, 2003... Growing up with it and having to see it go away it is kind of disappointing. :mute:

Not that I hate Skype, I know it's better than MSN, but some people I know that have MSN refuse to get Skype. Oh well, it's not too big of a deal though.