Mini-Game Suggestions

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Chain Chomp the Snowman
Summary: Frosty got transformed into a chain chomp by mistake! Try to lead him through the maze and transform him back!
Battle orders: Whoever got their's to the finish the fastest gets most coins. Whoever got their's second get lower. Whoever got theirs third gets lower. Whoever got their's last gets none.

A - Jump
Arrow Keys - Move Left, Right, Backward, Foward
B - Hold while walking to run

Home Before Dark
Summary: It's New Year's Eve, and everyone in the world wants to watch the ball drop, including Mario and the whole Gang! Make it home before dark!
Fastest Time Possible to get this minigame done: 0:09.67 (Not allowed to get 5:00.01 or over, since it's 11:55 pm)

B - Run
A - Jump
Arrow Keys - Walk
Stylus - Rub Koopas out of your way (there is a secret jump that lets you skip them, so you can get under 10 seconds)
GTFO Snowy =P
I just recalled an idea I posted in the original SMPSF, but now with some alterations...

Fencing Rights
Battle or Duel Mini-game

Somehow Mario and co. Can't seem to negotiate land rights in their villa. So how do they determine who's the landlord? By fencing, that's what!
(Not the best storyline, but whatever.)

Controls (this is a DS minigame)
D-Pad: Move, Sidestep
>Forward - attack
>Backward - feint
>Up - parry
>Down - guard stance/attack stance switch

N.B. the attack action in guard stance is a slash, not a thrust. It has wider range but you'll be stunned for longer if parried.

Defeat the others and claim the villa for yourself! In Battle Mode, you will fight in a knockout bracket (i.e. semifinals to finals). 3rd, 4th determined by who's knocked out first. In Duel Mode, win two out of three rounds.
Each player has 3 life points which are lost when struck by an attack.
Attack mode moves quicker forward, slower backward. VIce versa for guard mode.
Name: Pop goes the tube
Type: 1 vs. 3
Controls: 1p: Moves up, down, Right, Left with Nunchuk. 3P: Moves Up, Down, Right, Left with Nunchuk.
Goal: 1P: Tries to pop The 3P's tubes before time runs out. The player has 45 seconds. 3p: Tries to avoid the 1P while Time is ticking.

Name: Rainbow Olympics
Type: Battle
Controls: Shake Wii Remote Horizontally Up and down to move.
Goal: Try to run to the finish line on a thick Rainbow. Try to fall off because Lakitu takes a while to put You back on the Rainbow.

Name: Flaming rage
Type: Bowser
Controls: Hold wii Remote Horizontally and use the control pad to move. Don't fall off the Platform or you're out!
Goal: Bowser is so mad he is trying to harm mario and his friends. Stay away from him and don't fall off the platform.

Mini-Game Type
How to Win

I've made a few more mini-games...

One, Two, Three, Fore!
4-P Mini-Game
Hit the Bowser targets with golf balls!
Hit the most Bowser targets once time runs out.
Press A to set horizontal distance, press B to set vertical distance: basically like crosshairs.
You don't have to set horizontal distance before vertical, so start with the easier one!

Welcome Bat
Battle Mini-Game
Everyone thinks there's an invader in the house! Hit enemies and others!
Whenever you hit an enemy, you get 1 point. Hit another player and you get 3 points. Whoever has the most points after time runs out wins!
Use the D-Pad to move. Press 2 to swing your baseball bat.
Use the map in the middle of the screen to help you find out where the other players are.

Crab Bag
4-P Bonus Mini-Game
You're collecting coins from seashells and crabs!
You collect coins from seashells, but you can also get some from crabs and other players!
Use the D-Pad to move. Press 2 to grab hold of an enemy/player's bag and shake the Wii Remote to shake them for their coins.
Careful of other players who might steal your coins and crabs who might pinch you and make you lose coins.

Chomp Eat Chomp
Duel Mini-Game
Which Chomp will finish the Chomp Cake first?
You pick one of the 3 Chomps, thinking it will finish its cake first.
Point at the screen with the Wii Remote to aim and press A to pick the Chomp.
It's completely luck-based, so no pressure!

Rule with an Iron Fist
1-vs-3 Mini-Game
The lone player is squashing the others with their Iron Fist! Can the team survive?
The lone player wins by squashing all 3 players with their Iron Fist before time runs out. The 3 players win by surviving the onslaught.
Lone Player: D-Pad to move. 2 to jump. Shake the Wii Remote to use the Iron Fist.
3 Players: D-Pad to move. 2 to jump.
Be careful of the enemies native to the area! They can stun any character!
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