Mario Party 4: All Birthday Presents.

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ok I got all presents in mario party 4 like last year,
and i made this topic to see if anybody else has all the presents,
i know to unlock them all is a pain in the but,

also i know it's like really time consuming to unlock them all, the amount of time it took me to unlock all the presents was aproximitly 2 months man wat a pain that was.
So Does anyone else have all the presents or ever get all the presents.
feel free to comment.

I got all the presents in the Present Room, but unfortunately I lost the memory card with that saved data a few years ago. I only have all Yoshi's presents and some of the mini-game ones on my current save file, I never got to finishing story mode with Daisy or anyone else because I find it really time-consuming like Vipsoccermaster.

I probably wont do it again, especially because I barely got the domination record and Beach Volley Folley is way to hard for me to complete to get that present.

I really liked the description for some of the presents like the Waluigi calender.
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