Mario Baseball for Wii U

Was there any rumors or new about it?? I haven't seen any. I really enjoyed the first (and only) two installments, so I'd really like to see one for the Wii U. Btw, what would you like to see in the Wii U version (if it comes out)? I'd like at least 10 new characters, more captains and a story mode with cutscenes...
There have been no news or rumors regarding a new Mario Baseball game for Wii U. It won't help the Wii U even if it was announced and released, so it's unlikely there will be one. Maybe for NX, but that's a stretch.

You're also asking for a Mario game that won't ever go to the PAL territories, since baseball isn't popular there. You're better off asking for Mario Strikers, though.

As for new characters, there isn't much I could see. Rosalina is one, but others would probably be the Koopalings.
I agree that the chances we see this series again are slim. But they are fun games regardless.

What I would expect to see were this to be made today:

-Rosalina as a new Captain for a team (let's call it the Rosalina Rockets or Comets or Galaxies whatever) that is made up of all the various Lumas like Polari, Lubba, etc. Of course it'd probably also have HER... you know who i mean.

-The Koopalings added to Bowser/Bowser Jr's team.

-Nabbit taking on Bowser Jr.'s old role of being the Captain of the team made up of non-recruited players from teams whose Captain you did get.

What I'd LOVE to see that probably won't happen:

A team that is comprised entirely of popular non-Bowser/koopaling Bosses.

Like Kamek, Petey Piranha, King Boo, Gooper Blooper, King Bob-omb, Wiggler, Major Burrows, Motley Bossblob,  etc. I think that would be pretty cool.

They have a lot of new playable characters in the Mario series overall since 2008, so there a lot of options here.

Rosalina, a Luma, Lubba, one or all the Sprixies, all the Koopalings, Nabbit, Plessie, Spike, Honey Queen, etc.

You also have some of the more random characters like Baby Rosalina and the metal duo, but I think we would all be fine if they didn't make it in. :p
I'd love that to be real!
I think they should bring back all the characters from Mario Super Sluggers, and add Rosalina, the Koopalings, Cranky Kong, Luma(with Polari and Lubba as his alt colors, with different voices as well), Nabbit, *sighs*Baby Rosalina and Professor E. Gadd (since he's pretty popular and he still didn't get to be playable in game yet).