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In Mario Party 4, there is a special kind of minigames called Lucky Minigames, which starts randomly after every turn. It acts simmilar to normal mini-games, but you will get x2 or x3 amount of the normal 10 coins(or whatever you collected in coin bonus games). Did you like the idea of it? I really liked it, since it is useful at turning the game around, especially in coin bonus games.
Vipsoccermaster said:
That was such a nice feature, it's useful in racking up coins, and the bonus stars at the end. Bonus Stars will be easier to collect if you win the mini-games that are lucky.
I forgot about the bonus stars!  :-[
chaosshadow123 said:
It was a good feature, but I didn't like how the roulette can land on x1 coins per coin earned.
Yes, I hate it when the Lucky Minigame is cancelled! (Kinda how Battle minigames are cancelled in MP3)
Chubzster said:
I liked the lucky minigames; It always changed things up for my friends and I. It was useful when I spent all my coins on a star or the shop.
Yes. Especially when you are playing a coin minigame with x3 multiplier!
chaosshadow123 said:
Wiiboy4ever said:
It was alright I guess. No one ever got any bonuses when I played, generally. But one time I waited a really long time while turning the bulb and I got the x100 thing.

But otherwise getting prizes was too rare and the prizes were too game-changing at that.
Are you talking about the lottery?

disregard my post everyone. Sorry.  :-[
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