Level Design

After recently playing through the levels of DK64, I realized something. This game has terrible level design. :p If you aren't wandering around in some cave or tunnel in a level, you are probably wandering around in some open section that the cave lead you to. If I need to get somewhere, I don't exactly know where that place is and getting there isn't the easiest either. Sure, once you memorize the level it's a lot easier, but take a look at a game like Banjo Kazooie where all the parts of a level come together and make sense. DK64 was just random, leading you from one area to the next. The Warp Pads only added to the confusion, forcing you to use one to get to another warp pad to fianlly get you to your destination.

However, I still have a great time playing this game, even years after I first played it. I still love it to death and regard it as one of my favorite N64 games. Maybe nostalgia is to blame.
This is definitely true for mazes like the Factory or the Castle. I kept getting stuck simply because I go around in circles. :p
Vipsoccermaster said:
I feel the same way, but even if I were to play it again soon (which I will), after years of not doing so, I still have a good memory of where all the items are.
Yeah same here, it's been almost 3 years and I still remember the levels well. So places were really confusing, like Aegis said Frantic Factory was a total maze. Creepy Castle was okay for me. Crystal Cave is another confusing one for me. Jungle Japes and Angry Aztec were a bit easy. Gloomy Galleon wasn't that confusing since it's two big areas, it can be confusing at some places, but in general it's alright. Fungi Forest can be confusing too, but when you know which warp pad brings where it's a lot easier. Hideout Helm wasn't confusing at all, it's one way...