January 2016

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January, 5 2016:
Had Christmas part III

Final Recap:
FreezeFlame Galaxy said:
As promised...
December 24-25, 2015:
Lots of Christmas Parties. Overall had lots of fun.

Christmas 2015 Recap:
Got: The Lost Hero book
$20 cash
The Sword of Summer book
Camera drone
Lego set
Pocket Knife (BSA Official, nice)
Paper Airplane kit
3D Puzzle thingy (it's kind of a tradition, my Grandmother gives people these puzzles that you have to solve to get the real present, either 50 or 100 dollars.)

Christmas isn't over for me yet. My family opens the presents that we got each other on the 12th day of Christmas, so I'll update the list then.
Also got:
Kindle Fire (YES!)
Spicy Peanuts
Snow Globe
Lots of other stuff that I can't remember.

2 custom calendars
Shelf thingy
2 player Pokemon TCG starter kit

Been really inactive with this.

January 22-28, 2016:
Something exciting probably happened that I don't remember. On Monday I started doing a musical theater program  (don't ask me why) and played lots of SMM (that reminds me, I forgot to post my latest level). Other than that, fairly normal week.
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