I just jailbroke my phone again. I had it before but a while ago I accidentially upgraded my iPhone OS version thingy and it took away the jailbreak and I never felt like doing it back. But I was using Shazam yesterday and they had this whack 5 songs per month limit so I got mad and jailbroke my phone just now so I can get Shazam Plus free.
I'm always jailbreaking mine and then un-jailbreaking it. The free apps are nice, especially for trying apps out, but I rarely used any of the ones I downloaded anyways. There are very few apps I use a lot and the ones I do I don't mind paying for. Plus jailbreaking just killed my battery life.

If I had an iPod Touch I'd most definitely jailbreak it because battery life wouldn't be an issue & I'd load it down with emulators and shit, but since I have an iPhone that I use 24/7, I'm fine with it not being jailbroken.