I think it's best i leave this forum for good.

I've acting like a huge jerk for a while, and more and more people are starting to dislike me because of this. I thought i was being humorous and silly, but in reality, i was a dumb kid, who was being extremely rude and crude to a lot of people. Because, i probably think it's best that i leave this forum. I don't wanna make this forum look like a badly-modded forum because of users like me.

To everyone i was a jerk to, i am sorry for all the rude and crude things i said to you all. I don't expect you guys to accept my apology, but i just wanted to let you guys know that i was sorry.

Will i ever come back? It's extremely likely i won't, but if i do, it'll probably be in a couple of years when i'm a lot older.

So, yeah, i'm leaving this forum. It was fun for a while, but i just made things worse. So, yeah, Again, i'm sorry for everything. I hope the forum gets better without me.

You don't have to leave, we all make mistakes, and we learn from them.

If you do want to go though, I guess all I have to say is goodbye, and good luck in the future. :/ Always be careful when it comes to sensitive topics, they are sensitive for a reason, and people have a right to voice their concern for "jokes" like that. However, for sure no one's in the right, the people in the shoutbox definitely pushed it farther than it should of gone.