Ok so, there's this gross Horsefly in my room. It's about 2 inches long and big enough that you can clearly see it's eyes, legs, wings, everything. I trapped it inside my windowsill and now I am silently waiting for it to die or fly out the way it came in: A hole in the screen of my window.
I've had several of these holes and patched them up tight using tape, so at least if bugs came in they'd be tiny ones which I don't fear as much. But apparently there are more because my Cat keeps tearing up my screen with his claws, so thanks a lot Neko for letting these gross bastards in.
It also could have flown in from the front door when I took out the Garbage, or through the Kitchen Window which is also torn up because of my Cat. Whatever the reason, flies love my room, probably because it gets the most sunlight out of the whole house. There are currently 5 flies in there. I've been spraying and spraying, and successfully killed off most of the little ones, but there are some that escaped the spray and of course there's the huge-ass Horsefly. The little ones I don't care about, but I want this giant disgusting MF to get the hell out of my house. It has survived the night so I'm just waiting for it to go. I think Horseflies live from 2 weeks to a month, I'm not sure what kind it is. Hopefully it'll just leave.
I'm probably overreacting and you're thinking "Oh Toadette, it's just a Fly, just get some bug spray and kill it or swat it". But I can't.
1. I don't have a fly swatter.
2. This is the fastest fly I've ever seen, so it'll probably dodge all my attempts to assassinate it.
3. I'm too scared :(
I've had a long history with flies, and ever since a giant one flew into my mouth and others went on my face, I've basically become SCARED of them. Silly, I know. But even when a little one flies by my ear and I hear the dreadful buzzing of it's tiny wings I cringe in fear.
So, long story short, I REALLY HATE FLIES.
Polar said:
Flies really are a pest, I hate it in the Summer how they just always stick around you when you are sweating.
Yeah, here in New York there's a lot of Garbage from all the houses and it's very humid, so in the Summer my neighborhood is infested with Flies and Mosquitoes, which I also dread because they eat me up like a Blood Buffet, so I usually get 5-10 bites just on one limb. The bites also get really huge and itchy since I'm extra allergic to the toxins they put in your body when they bite.
I can understand why you hate flies so much. Sorry if this is posted like 2 years, but I absolutely HATE roaches, dragonflies (like drawing them though), & horseflies. They're too big & I never want to touch them, so silky and all-around "BIG". Dragonflies & horseflies move too rapidly & I do whenever I can to stay away. Roaches are creepy as heck. :mad: :mad: :mad: