I don't have MP7, so I can't test this out. If it's false, forgive me.

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The Chop Chop Helicopter is a helicopter that allows the player to play 8-Player minigames in Mario Party 7. The Chop Chop Helicopter is on the outer part of the MSS Sea Star, and will already have all the 8-Player minigames unlocked on it. The figure costs 1,000 Cruise Mileage Points.

This sounds way too good to be true. Start a new file and check the 8 Player minigame section. Is this like MP9? Or do you have to play Party Mode to unlock them?
You are totally right, it's a minigame mode called "Deluxe Cruise" where you can play 8-players minigames, you have two modes, Free Play with free minigames to play (only in teams though) and Ice Battle where you can play minigames to an amount set of wins, solo or in teams, 2 players is sharing a controller with specific buttons, only two buttons, one with the left hand and another one with the right hand. All the games are also unlocked, which means that you can play them freely, and there's also Party Mode that can be played with 8 players (four team of two) and where some minigames can appear as "8-player minigame." It's a fun thing on this game.
Just as the last two posters said, the 8-player mini-games are all available from the start. However, the figure for 1,000 Cruise Mileage points for purchase is not available from the get-go, you have to play all the mini-games and all its modes (which I always do every time starting a new Mario Party 7 file).
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THANK GOD! I must now buy MP7.
I didn't think this would be a deal breaker for anyone. :p
Especially when there are only 8 mini-games.
There are 12 mini-games for 8-Player, not eight.
My bad, but 12 mini-games still isn't much, especially if you can't play them in free sub normally. And if you do choose 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2, the mini-games tend to get tiresome after 20 some turns.
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