Hylian Knights

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H-J カービイ said:
Oh, btw, HK have something in their inventory that complements what you have. Maybe a bit of persuasion will let your adversary off... if you so desire.

Watch out for that Like Like, though.
Like Like? Special Item? Wut?

My fear is that Kingboo will starting going to our spaces, so if we first use a Yoyo, then use some Bombs, it should take him out. Course then my other plan will have to wait. HJ, can you please show me what items I can use?
Items: 3 Mushrooms, 1 Green Potion, 1 Blue Potion, 3 Yo-Yos, 1 Koopa Shell, 1 Fire Flower, 1 Durian, 3 Melons, Kokiri Emerald, Zora Sapphire, MLYW Emblem (grants +2ATK/DEF), 1 Zora Tunic, WAVE BEAM!!!, Cape Feather, 1 Recovery Heart, 1 Refreshing Herb, Freezie, 1 Recovery Heart, 1 Triple Mushroom, Mirror Shield (to equip)

Your only equipment is the Mirror Shield and MLYW Emblem.
The items you CAN'T choose for your five items are the Freezie and the Emerald and Sapphire.
The special items I am alluding to have a special aura about them (literally and figuratively). Check the Current Stats page for full details. Maybe then you'll understand my last post better... (even better, check the CK Safe's recent topics for more clues)
H-J カービイ said:
Wave Beam can be used. To be honest there is no Power Suit >_>

Shields can only be used by one. The MlYW Emblem is shared, but remember to state that it is equipped >_>

You should post your Phase 1  move then.
OK then, I shall post the items, and i'll only equip Ryoux with it, since he needs the protection more. I'll equip myself with the MLYW emblem. =P
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