How many phones have you had?


Samsung Glyde if you ever heard about it you'll know it's garbage, and it is. But it works and I really don't have enough money right now to buy A new phone although when the come out with the new iphone i might possibly get it with Verizon now that they carry the iphone.
I'm on my 7th (damn, it seems like a lot, but it's not):

1. LG Chocolate
Got this phone in December 2006 for Christmas. Then in August 2007, the speaker broke somehow (I barely ever used the damn thing, let alone called people so I dunno how). I still have the actual phone I think but oh well, it's not like I'll ever use it again (no need to since it's such a piece of shit).

2. LG Chocolate
My 2nd LG came in the mail one Friday in August 2007 close to the end of the month. Worked amazingly until February 2008. I pulled it out in the library to show something to a friend. and the screen was completely white. Taking the battery out didn't fix it, nor did charging it/rebooting it.

3. LG Chocolate
Went to Verizon and got it replaced a few days later. Now I should've gotten the hint from the past two phones, but I didn't. I was texting my (at the time) girlfriend* and my phone's screen turned black when I went to reply to a text. It really sucked. This was in June 2008.
*we weren't official, but we were practically dating without that label

4. Samsung Alias
Verizon replaced my shitty Chocolate with a Samsung Alias, my favorite phone type of all time. Exactly 3 weeks after I got the phone it accidentally fell in my school's urinal (lol). It's really hard to explain how that happened but I lost all my contacts, pictures, music and so on that were stored on the physical phone. Thankfully my phone's SD card was unharmed. This was in July 2008.

5. Samsung Alias
This one I got in the mail after shipping my old phone back (truthfully I don't even think we ever did, so it might be around the house still). Anyway, I got it and it worked absolutely wonderfully for a really long time. It still works wonderfully even -- except for the battery. It's a real shame too because I love that phone to death. I still own the physical phone. So I used this from July 2008 - February 2010.

6. Motorola Droid
Got it in February 2010. It was absolutely perfect for a long time ('til late July), then the power button got stuck somehow. And shortly after that, not only did the keypad start making loud as fuck clicking noises as I pressed down, but the ACTUAL keypad letters started falling off. Yeah, I'm not kidding. That and the gold paint on the camera button started to chip off for some reason. Verizon said it's because I got one of the earlier ones and the newer ones have these problems fixed. I got it replaced in December 2010 free of charge.

7. Motorola Droid
Currently have the same type of phone. I've had it for about... maybe 2 1/2 months so far and have had NO problems whatsoever (other than the back falling off, but it's because Jewish Verizon took my original battery/back from my phone when they replaced it). In all, I'm thoroughly happy with this phone and couldn't imagine being more happy with a phone.
4 I think. No clue what my first phone was, but it was just some basic flip phone. Then I got an LG flip phone. Basically the same as the first, a few small differences. Then I got a Pantech Matrix for Christmas in 2008. Then in March of last year I got the iPhone 3GS.

I guess I've had 5 if you count the iPhone I got as a replacement after I broke my first one.
I think 2005 was the time I got my first phone, since then I've had six different phones.

Some basic Motorola(Only for a few months) (2005)
Nokia 6600(I got this from my mum when she got a new phone) (2005-2007)
Nokia N95(Got it as a gift from my dad, sadly it was fucked and only worked properly for 2 weeks, stuck with it for months) ( Autumn 2007 to Autumn 2008)
Nokia 6630(Another one of my mum's old phones, used it temporarily as I didnt have a properly working phone) (Autumn 2008 to Summer 2009)
Nokia N97(Got it as I had no other phone, it was a great phone and I still have it, I dont use it though) (Summer '09 to Autumn '10)
BlackBerry Torch(Another gift cause of some good work in school, my current phone)
You doubt me dropping phones in the toilet was accidental? :p

Both times were texting girls (damn harlots).

First time was while taking a s*** ;) (13 years old)
and the last one was Summer 09 when I damn well learned my lesson on pooping with a phone (though things like the iTouch and Portable Gaming are still okay :p) I was walking in the bathroom, finishing a text, and then slipped the pocket while I was putting the phone away. I actually got mad at my brother (though I didn't confront him) for leaving the toilet seat up :p My Mom trained me well in keeping it put down, and in that instant I was actually mad about it cause if the lid were shut, it wouldn't have gone in. (But in other cases, who cares if it's up or down? I just put it down anyway)
I believe I'm on phone #5.

1. Motorola V300 (biggest piece of s*** I've ever owned)
2. Original Motorola RAZR
3. Samsung SGH-T239
4. LG Rumor Touch
5. LG Optimus V (current phone, had it for about 9 months now)

I bought the last two phones and have been paying for my own service for them.  Proud of myself for that.  Thinking about getting a new phone soon.