How I fell in love with cookies

It was a day of grocery shopping back in 97. My mom held my hand as she went to get a few items. When she told me to stand by the shopping cart (which had no seat, which explains me walking). But instead I walked away, and grabbed a pack of cookies (don't know what brand). My mom turned and saw me gone, but then saw me return with cookies. I asked to have them for some reason, so my mom decided to get it.

Then when we got back, I got my first bite of the most delicious thing to ever hit my little 3 year old taste buds. I wanted more, but we were having dinner soon and I couldn't have more. But from there on, I was in love. I'd always get cookies.

As I got older, something changed though...I started eating more cookies. And now here I am, 14 years old and eating 7 Chips Ahoy! cookies.

The story was told to me by my mom, though I worded it different.

I thought this was going to be a story of adventure and enlightenment. Goddamn you.