Have you played Pikmin?

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Just didn't get into these. I am more into puzzle games than strategy like installments.
I've played and loved both.

Pikmin 1 was great, until Pikmin 2 came out, which was much better! :D But so gosh dang harder at that, I finished both but never got 100% on the second one, it's really hard to fully beat Pikmin 2. But Pikmin 2 has multiplayer, and it is REALLY fun, both mission co-op and battle mode! :)

Never tried the "new play control" for Wii pikmin 1, but I they're making Pikmin 3 for Wii U and I absolutely cannot wait. :)
Polar said:
No I have never tried them but always wanted to. I have seen plenty of copies of the first two games for New Play Control so I might pick them up.
Oh yeah, speaking of the New Play Control, I wish the Pikmin 2 New Play Control was released in America :p (IIRC that was the only area where Pikmin 2 NPC wasn't release >__>)
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