Gobi's Valley

Wasn't this entitled "Gobi's Desert"? That's what it says in my strategy guide. (I'll look it up in the game)

Anyways, this level wasn't really that hard. But the hardest Jiggy for me was weird, with the carpets.
Vipsoccermaster said:
Psh, it was easy, but sure, the last carpet only stayed up for about two seconds.

Sorry if i'm not hardcore like you are. =P
The chat disagrees because it got flooded with "lol"s afterward.

But that was the feeling you brought. Like if you were to be tied to a chair or something, and then I'm just wailing Mike Tyson punches to a baby and you be all like, "NOOOOOOOOO~! JUST MAKE IT STOP ALREADY!"

...Yes, that is exactly what it was like.