Because it is.

I know this is a far fetch question but how many of you are Linux users? Technically almost every single one of you have used some variant of GNU/Linux. Many gaming and mobile devices have Linux running underneath but you'll probably never really need to face it. Carrying on, how many of you actually use Linux distributions for your desktops, laptops? I know they are a few people.

Anyways, I am a power user, I use power machines and I extremely hate it when people refer it to my stuff as "Gaming" machines. On my desktops, I have several distro setups. Just to make it clear, I don't like easy popular distros of Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. If I can classify the types of distros out there, I'd put them into two categories. Those that focus extremely on easy user interface and those that work a lot more on the core of the system. I prefer "core" products. I use Gentoo, Slackware, and Arch for this. However since I'm not always the best designer or programmer, I use CrunchBang when I'm in an environment or situation where I absolutely need a smooth ride.

So how many of you are Linux guys? What's your favorite distribution? For anybody who's not a user, are you interested? Have questions?