Forum is back!

We're back! After four and half years, the Mario Party Legacy Forum is up and running at full capacity once more. But things are... a little different. Let's get into that!

So what's new? Discussions are back, the downloads section got an entire overhaul, and the forum has received a modern upgrade. See our What's New topic for a detailed look at all the neat features!

Remember SMF, the forum software we used since the forum's early days back in 2008? Yeah, that's gone. It served us well for over a decade, but newer and more modern options have come around since then. Say hello to Xenforo! Now we're working with forum software that's secure, allows for plenty of customization, and gives us the flexibility to properly host downloads and facilitate discussions.

A screenshot of the former forum.
The old forum. Good night, sweet prince.

Despite closing discussions on the forum over four years ago, the Mario Party modding community continued to populate our forum's download database with custom boards, events, and music. These unique creations help give the original Nintendo 64 trilogy of Mario Party games a continued breath of fresh air, and it was high time we updated our outdated software to better serve our creators. As a result, we've got a new system running and figured we could give discussions another try!

To ease back into discussions, we only have discussion boards for Mario Party, the Forum, and everything else. If the need for more boards comes up, we'll think about it then. All previous boards, topics, and posts from the forum's first 15 years are locked away in the Archives, and this time with the correct permissions.

The plan to keep things very low key and chill. Right now it is just me on staff. Will likely look to get at least one moderator on board, but we really hope moderation can be kept to a minimum, similar to our Discord. Frankly, we just don't have the patience or the time for forum drama and politics — if you're a problem, we'll show you to the door.

The old downloads page. You're allowed to say it looks like an eyesore.

The entire migration from one forum to the other, along with all the modifications made to gear the forum towards our community, essentially took the entire summer. A big shoutout to @Mario_Comix and @Airsola for providing advice and guidance throughout the past few months! It was a massive project, so it's likely there are still kinks to iron out. Spot something weird? Let me know!

Username changes. This is the one thing that didn't transfer over well. If at any point you changed your username in the past, your account will now be back to the username used at the time of registration. Annoying, but that's where we're at. You can get that changed by heading into your profile account settings.

The transfer of discussion content is complete, but we're still working on moving all our custom downloads. For the time being, the option to post new downloads is disabled as we continue to migrate everything over. It's a long process, but we will continue to have all current downloads available on the old forum.

This is either a custom board download or some kind of ancient relic.

What? The old forum? Is it still running? Yes! We don't want to throw a curveball at anyone and suddenly take down the old version. For the next month, you'll be able to hop into the old forum and collect whatever it is you want to keep. Topics, posts, and private messages have carried over, but maybe there is something in your profile or your private notes that you wanted to grab. Now is the time to do that! We'll officially shut down the old forum on September 30. You can access the old forum here.

It's an exciting time to be back! For now, we'll leave you with a round-up of useful links. Happy posting!
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@Chubbo1793 @Timmy @Ryoux0 It's so great to hear from you all! It's been so long, I hope you are all doing well. 😀

Everyone else I still see around the community from time to time, and it's a pleasure to have you all here as well!

I don't expect the forum to be what it once was (and truly, I don't want/have the time for it be), but I'm always glad to see old faces pop in for a quick message or two.
Well this is incredibly bizarre. My memories of this website are incredibly hazy, but I signed up here ten years ago when I was a shitty 10 year old who could barely write in English, kept getting into inane arguments with folks here, and eventually got banned off the forum. I think it was straight up the first ever web forum community thing I ever joined, definitely not my proudest moment, I was cringe as fuck. 13 years or so later and uh, I guess here we are again. I don't even use this handle anymore online and a lot of things have changed, but it was a fun blast from the past seeing this email. Shocked that I was still subscribed to the site.

I'm not going to be sticking around here, I don't really recognise or remember anyone and I'm not terribly invested in Mario Party anymore but, hey, yall were pretty cool, sorry I was a snot nosed brat with zero social skills when I joined here, but we all gotta start somewhere. Not gonna go poking around my shameful past too much, but hope you're all doing good and these last ten years have treated yall well.
Wow! I never thought I would be back here, but I randomly got on the website today and saw y'all revamped the forum! I'm surprised I still remembered my login info from way back in 2015 lol. Yeeesh! Nostalgia hits like a truck, and even though I wasn't "well known" it's still surreal to see names commenting now that I remember way back in the day. Welcome back MPL!