Favorite Zelda Game

I hate this question so much. I can never pick one and when I do, I end up changing it. I alternate between Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker.

Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are great too, but I feel like they are just more of the same.

Spirit Tracks is pretty high up on my favorites. A Link to the Past is great as well, as is Link's Awakening.

See, I can't pick. :p
Mine will, and always will be, Ocarina of Time. It was my first Zelda game and also the first game I ever completed. I've played through it so many times I could probably play it blindfolded.

A really close second though is Majora's mask. Gameplay wise I think its the best out of all of them.
Majora's Mask. I've played it ever since I was little and had it on the Zelda Collector's Edition disc. It and Ocarina Of Time were great Zelda games and I just adored playing them a lot. I was afraid of the Moon and the results of what would happen because of it's destruction but I enjoy almost everything about it. The masks were great to use while others were amusing and were satisfying rewards for the sidequests. I know it so well, I always wanted to do a three day run but I never got around to it, takes a ton of planning.

Twilight Princess really impressed me as well.
Since I can't decide overall, I'll separate them into 2D and 3D, just because.

2D - Easy. A Link Between Worlds. I liked how immersive you could get in this adventure because of the 3D option, how fun was to search for the Maimais when I thought it would be the contrary, and how well-thought were some of the puzzles that I encountered. This, by far, is the best Zelda game that I love to 100%. Also, the BGM. Although the half of them were remixes (and amazing ones at that), it still got me. Especially Lorule Castle. (And I'm not old enough to get nostalgia from ALttP. Sorry? :p)

3D - Dunno... Either Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. Living the adventure in 3D is simply amazing. What I really like about them is the battles. I spend half of the time just dodging the attacks without the shield because it's fun, especially when low at health. (Plus I never played WW to compare...)