Favorite Minigame!

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Mario Party 4: Manta Rings, Bob-omb Breakers, Dungeon Duos, Stamp Out, Booksquirm, Hop or Pop, Blame it on the Crane, Money Belts
Mario Party 5: Dinger Derby, Coin Cache, Ground Pound Down, Night Light Fright, Pushy Penguins, Leaf Leap, Shy Guy Showdown, Countdown Pound, Sky Survivor
Mario Party 6: Odd Card Out, Lift Leapers, What Goes Up, Granite Getaway, Sunday Drivers, Pop Star, Verbal Assault, Rocky Road, Control Shtick 
Mario Party 7: Track & Yield, Fun Run, Oil Crisis, La Bomba, Pogo-a-Go-Go, Number Crunchers, Buzzstormer, Monty's Revenge, Light Speed, Hammer Spammer, Grin and Bar It, Gimme a Break, Bumper to Bumper
My favorite Minigame from each Gamecube Mario Party game are:

*MP4: Blame It on the Crane, Avalanche! (funny), Booksquirm, Dungeon Duos, Paths of Peril, Chain Chomp Fever
*MP5: Bill Blasters, Fish Upon a Star, Panic Pinball (so classic it's good)
*MP6: Rocky Road, Clean Team, Dust 'til Dawn, Granite Getaway, Lift Leapers
*MP7: The Final Countdown, Take Me Ohm, Snow Ride, Spider Stomp, Camp Ukiki, Funstacle Course, 'Jump, Man', Unhappy Trails, Grin and Bar It
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