Favorite Minigame!

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Wacky109 said:
My favorite minigames of each.

Mario Party 4:  Treasure Trek (I think). Swimming Derby (?)..  It's a swimming minigame.
Mario Party 5:  Get a Rope. Leaf Leaps.
Mario Party 6:  Same is Lame. Dunk Bros.
Mario Party 7:  Balloon Pop.(?)  It's a mic minigame.  Bowser Funstacle Course.

:|  My memory sucks.  xD
I believe the swimming mini-game you're talking about is Mario Medley. Anyways, my favorite mini-games(I have a lot for each and I don't put mic mini-games)
Mario Party 4: Mr. Blizzard's brigade, Balloon of Doom, Blame it on the Crane, Revers-a-Bomb, Butterfly Blitz, Bowser's Bigger Blast and Trace Race.
Mario Party 5: Coney Island, Fish Upon a star, Frozen Frenzy, Dodge Bomb, Squared Away, Revolving Fire, Mario Mechs, Defuse or Lose, Astro Logical, Rain of Fire, Cage in Cookin, Mass-a-peel and Davine Climb.
Mario Party 6: Granite Getaway, Daft Rafts, Snow Brawl, Sink Or Swim, Surge or Destroy, Clean Team(if I'm cleaning), Burnstile, Stamp By Me, Wrasslin Rapids, Hyper Sniper, Dizzy Rotisserie, Tally Me Banana, Pier Factor and Dunk Bros.
Mario Party 7: Track&Yield,  Take me Ohm,  Flashfright, Pogo-a-Go-Go, Tile and Error, Spider Stomp, The Final Countdown, Gimme a sign, Apes of Wrath, Fish & Cheeps, Real Smoothie, Grin and Bar it, Hammer Spammer, Shock Absorbers and Funstacle Course.
Mario Mechs, Flatiator, Dungeon Duos, and Team Treasure Trek.

Mario Mechs was a very fun minigame when I was little and I loved teh fact that it had different areas to fight in.

Dungeon Duos and Team Treasure Trek IMO were games that actually required teamwork, were lengthier then other 2 vs. 2 minigames, and that they were very fun!

Flatiator was the first Minigame I ever played. ^^
my faviorite mini-game is coney island from mp5 man it was awsome having all that free ice cream dropping.

m[/color]y faviorite m[/color]ini game in mp7 would be slot trot its so easy
Mario Party 4: Avalanche!, Booksquirm, Hide and go BOOM!, Dungeon Dous, Revers-a-Bomb, Bowsers Bigger Blast
Mario Party 5: Rumble Fumble, Pushy Penguins, Fish upon a Star, Big Top Drop, Defuse or Lose, Twist'n'Out
Mario Party 6: Circuit Maximus, Granite Getaway, Daft Rafts, Conveyor Bolt, Burnstile, Rocky Road, Strawberry Shortfuse, Wrasslin' Rappids, Boonanza!, Dizzy Rotisserie
Mario Party 7: Bob-ombic Plague, Bumper to Bumper, Grin and Bar It, Ghost in the Hall, Track and Yield, Take me Ohm!, Balloon Busters, Flash Fright, Spinner Cell, Spider Stomp, The Final Countdown, Montys Revenge, Apes of Wrath, Gimme a Sign, Magmagical Journey!
4: Booksquirm (never played MP4 but this minigame looks amazing) Bowser's Bigger Blast (loved in MP2)
5: Coney Island, Pushy Penguins
6: Burnstile,Granite Getaway, Circuit Maximus, What Goes Up (night), Cannonball Fun
7:Grin and Bar It, Bumper to Bumper, Bubblebrawl, Gimme a Brake, Ghost in The Hall
MP4/ vs4: Stamp Out! 1vs3: GOOOOOAL! 2vs2: Team treasure Trek Battle: Paths of Peril Bowser: Darts of Doom Story: Bowser Bop

MP5/ vs4: Hydrostars 1vs3: Quilt for Speed 2vs2: Panic Pinball Battle: Astro-logical Duel: Countdown Pound Dk: Banana Punch Bowser: Cagein Cookin'

MP6/ vs4: Note to Self 1vs3: Cash Flow 2vs2: Gondola Glide Battle: Control Shtick Duel: Boo'd off the stage Dk: Tally me Banana Bowser: Pit Boss

MP7/ vs4: Catchy Tunes 1vs3: La Bomba 2vs2: Battery Ram Battle: The Final Countdown Duel: Hip Hop Drop Dk: Vine Climbing one and Stump Change Bowser: Slot Machine one and Funderwall
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