Favorite Minigame!

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Top10 MiniGame list:
1:Granite Getaway(MP6)
2:panel Panic(MP4)
4:Triple Jump(MP5)
5:Fish Upon a Star(MP5)
6: Final Countdown(MP7)
7:Wrasslin Rapids(MP6)
9:Track and Yield(MP7)
10:Take Me Ohm(MP7)
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Why'd you merge a topic called favorite minigame of all time with a topic about minigames from mp4-7 only? I guess I'll move this one to the GC MP boards since it's kinda useless to have it in general MP now.

And that pinball game from MP5 was cool.
Why are you asking something from 2 months a go? =P
In Mario Party 4, I like that Booksquirm one, where you avoid being flattened by the pages. I love it, nobody could ever beat me at it lol  :D (I'm not boasting, seriously, I'm only good with the minigames and that's it lol).

That one in MP7 where you jump over those triathlon gate things or get zapped and fall off the treadmill thing is good too. I don't know if that made any sense though, I tend to forget the names of most minigames. :(
My favorite minigames of each.

Mario Party 4:  Treasure Trek (I think). Swimming Derby (?)..  It's a swimming minigame.
Mario Party 5:  Get a Rope. Leaf Leaps.
Mario Party 6:  Same is Lame. Dunk Bros.
Mario Party 7:  Balloon Pop.(?)  It's a mic minigame.  Bowser Funstacle Course.

:|  My memory sucks.  xD
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