Favorite 8-Player Minigame?

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My favorite 8-player minigames are...
Bumper-to-Bumper (I had so much fun with this game~ I could play it over and over)
Grin and Bar it (Get intense as the bar swings faster and faster - too bad I keep on getting ties with the brutal CPU's) and
Shock Absorbers (Same - Get intense as the lights start appearing faster and you get less time to press them).

I really didn't like those co-operative 8-player minigames much, though, and I don't like Bob-ombic Plague at all. Otherwise, the games were good.
(I only with they made some game that used both L and the Control Stick for Player 1 and R and the C-Stick for Player 2)
1. Grin and Bar It - I used to be so good at that game.
2. Gimmie and Break - Had many different scenerios, such as rain, snow and regular. Unexpected results.
3. Bob-ombic Plague - Loved playing this game. It was frustrating seeing the CPUs take their time when the bomb was about to explode.
4. Shock Absorbers - No wrong moves!!!!
5. Bumper to Bumper - I sucked at this game, but I still enjoyed it.
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