External Hard Drives

cookieboy17 said:
SuperZambezi said:
Do you have any external hard drives fro extra space?

I had to buy one earlier this month because of all my recording shenanigans. The thing is a beast at 3TB.  :eek: I've already got 700GB filled.  :-\
God damn 700 GBs? You don't delete your files or something? My laptop has 300 GB so I'm constantly deleting my recordings.
I record lossless so generally a 720p recording will be 1min = 1gb. I'm always cautious in case I want to go back and reuse footage (which I have done several times now), and now that I have the external, I won't have to worry for some time.
Vipsoccermaster said:
I just got one for Christmas. An external hard drive with 2TB for Wii U. I really need to make some use out of it, even though content you buy from Nintendo eShop from Wii U is tied to the console.
I got a slightly different hard drive than the one I mentioned a while back. The one I mentioned had a problem of going to sleep, making me unable to save games after a certain period of time. The newer version does not have the problem and now I have all the data of my Wii U games and saves in the hard drive, leaving a full 25GB of internal flash memory in my Wii U.