Does your phone run Android OS?


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Android is the best operating system in my opinion. Tell me if your phone runs Android 2.1, 2.2, etc.
My boyfriend has an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S) but I haven't messed with it much, besides playing the odd game or two. I'd consider getting an Android phone as my next phone, but it depends. I already have a bunch of iOS apps because I have an iPhone currently, so it'd definitely be easier to stick with iOS. We'll see how I feel when the iPhone 5 comes out.
One thing I don't like about Android is how fragmented it is. You spend all this cash on a brand new phone and ten seconds later a new version of Android is released but you can't upgrade to it. I know in tech there's always going to be something bigger & better within a short period of time, but it seems to happen a lot quicker with Android.
Justin5267 said:
I just got the HTC Trophy, which runs Windows Phone 7 OS. So far I love it, it's really neat when you sync it with Facebook it automatically adds all  your Facebook friends along with their cell phone number if the entered it in on Facebook, so redoing my contacts was done easily. :p

I'm not much of a fan of WP7. The UI is just oddly designed. Like I get the minimalism and like that, but the way things get cut off and all that just looks retarded. And personally, I wouldn't want all the people on FB in my contacts. I find that kind of thing annoying.