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Turn 11:
Luigi: Blue Space at top right of the board area
Me: Blue Space by thwomp left
Daisy: Red Space before left toad shop
Peach: Passed up a magic lamp for cellular shopper lands on space ahead of same shop

Minigame: Hide and Sneak (Daisy vs everyone)
Winner: Daisy (got me and Peach on last try we went in same spot -_-)

Daisy 4 stars 16 coins (skeleton key)
Luigi- 1 star 26 coins
Me- 1 star 13 coins (bowser suit, boo bell)
Peach- 24 coins (cellular shopper)

I'm never choosing "choose for me" or whatever again...
Turn 11:
Luigi: Happening space for top thomp to move him to left side
Me: Blue space
Daisy: Rides top left thwomp to right side of map and lands on blue space
Peach: Uses Cellular Shopper- Baby Bowser- Buys nothing (wtf)- Lands on bank for 20 coins

Minigame: Rockin Raceway (lot of 4 player games right now)
Winner: Me over Peach by a horse nose!
last turn i mixed up peach and daisy's turns

Luigi: Blue space after top right bank
Me: Buy Magic Lamp and land on happening space for top right thwomp to move left and pick up Daisy
Daisy: Lands on blue space 3 after top bank
Peach: blue space 2 ahead of daisy

Minigame: Mario Puzzle Party
Winner: Me (i usually never win) by 5 over Luigi and 7 over Daisy. exactly 100 lol
Turn 15:
Luigi: Blue space
Me: Use Bowser Suit and takes 20 coins from Daisy (rob da bitch ;D ) and land on happening space to move thwomp over (now on right side)
Daisy: Passes Boo but only has 2 coins, lands on blue space
Peach: Happening Space top thwomp to go left side

Minigame: Toadstool Titan
Winner: Luigi

Daisy 4 stars 5 coins
Luigi 1 star 13 coins
Me 1 star 34 coins
Peach 54 coins

@sushi cause i got bored after like 40 seconds :p
Turn 16:
Luigi: Blue space about 4 away from star (still by thwomp on bottom right of board) but cant afford
Me: Not using my magic lamp so i can get boo and steal coins from peach since daisy has like 5- 21 coins- and land on blue space
Daisy: Warp Block to switch with Peach and land 2 spaces from star but cant affrd
Peach: Blue Space bottom left corner area

Minigame: Parasol Plummet
Winner: Mario 22 Luigi 14 Daisy 12 Peach 9
Turn 17:
Luigi: Gets star and lands 1 space after thwomp blocking right side
Star moves top right 2 in front of thwomp
Me: Boo Bell to steal from DAISY (eat it bitch) and land on blue space
Daisy: Happening space for train to move her to bottom right area of board
Peach: Item Space- Mushroom

Minigame: River Raiders (Daisy vs everyone and another coin spree)
Winner: Daisy 17 Everyone else 11

Daisy 3 star 37 coins (warp pipe, skeleton key)
Me 2 stars 39 coins (magic lamp)
Luigi 2 stars 24 coins
Peach- 52 coins (mushroom)
Turn 18:
Luigi: Passes up magic lamp for mushroom, pays to ride bottom thwomp to left side of board and lands on Bowser space- -15 coins
Me: Pay 5 to move bottom thwomp to right side but failed :)() but moves Luigi and lands on blue space
Daisy: Warp block to trade with Luigi who was on same space (...) and land on Bowser- coin potluck of i think 20...
Peach: Red space before top right item shop

Minigame: Spotlight Swim (me vs everyone)
Winner: everyone (i didnt know you had to hold down a while underwater)

now for a short break since i have to take a shit