Character Orbs

In Mario Party 7, each partner duo has a unique orb that only they can obtain and use. They include:
  • Fireball Orb - Mario and Luigi will steal 10 coins from anyone they pass for two turns.
  • Flower Orb - Peach and Daisy will collect 3 coins for every space they pass in a single turn.
  • Egg Orb - Yoshi and Birdo will eat up any orb traps they pass in a single turn. These will be added to their inventory.
  • Vacuum Orb - Wario and Waluigi will spin a roulette and steal either 1, 3, 5, or 10 coins from all players.
  • Magic Orb - Boo and Dry Bones will double their roll count for two turns. This will also make them invincible against passing traps.
  • Triple 'Shroom Orb - Toad and Toadette will automatically use a Mushroom for three consecutive turns.
Did you like these orbs? Did you mind that the character you picked actually mattered? Would you ever want something like to return in the future?
Fantastic concept, I really appreciate that it exists, same as the character dice in Super, but in both cases I feel like they're just a bit too unbalanced. There's a few that are absolutely fantastic, and then the vast majority are very niche or actively terrible. On paper the character orbs add a lot of flavor, but in practice, if you aren't playing Toad, Toadette, Dry Bones, and Boo, you're probably losing.