Chao Garden/Which one was better?


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I'm gonna say SA2 because SA1's was very generic and not very well explained or detailed.

I'm gonna say I hate the Chao missions though. I once raised this Chao to be max out on every stat and just as I was about to get my last Chao Karate Sonic Ring, my Chao had to be retarded and get reborn, restarting all of his friggin stats. AAAARRRGGGHHHH I gave up after that happened lol.
I loved the second game's Chao garden, way more than the first. It was easier to get to, and had more to do in it. I also prefer the races in the second one, where you can give your chao boosts, unlike the first and its annoying constant switching camera angles, I didn't care about the other chao, I wanted to see MINE!
I think it's a bit ironic for me to say this, since I liked SA1 more.
I liked SA2 Chao garden.  It was more developed and had different gardens.  Although getting a neutral chao is a bit harder to get than SA1.
I loved all gardens, but my favorite is Dark Chao Garden.  So spooky, me likes!
I thought both Dark and Light Gardens were so boring in structure. I think the Regular Garden had more appeal.