Changing Your Blog Name and Description

So we're gonna allow people to make their own customizable blog names now. If you would like to change your blog description, just PM an admin like myself with:
A- Desired Blog Name
B- Desired Blog Description

If you do not provide any information your blog will just be [member]'s Blog like this:

Or you can customize it like this:

But you have to at least keep your username or nickname relevant in the name. This kind of name will not be accepted:

With that being said, you can go ahead and PM an admin now. Also, if you're applying for a blog, you just tell us this information when applying.
As much as you want really. Obviously if you're gonna ask like every single day to change it you might annoy someone so common sense would have its role but besides that like if, for example, Ether/John wants to change it everytime he changes his blog name when he changes his username, which is like once every week or 2, then he's free to.

And btw the fancy presentation was just done for the hell of it, I'll try to do that for more important announcements cause it looks cool and it also helps those lacking a few brain cells.