Can we have a moment of silence?

Today, around 7:12 AM EST, my Silver 80gig iPod Classic's screen died. It went peacefully and put up no struggle.

Now what kind of iPod should I get now? I'm thinking of a 32gig iPod Touch (64 is an option too). I heard Apple will "recycle" you iPod and take some money off of your next iPod you buy.
Get the 32GB Touch. Yeah, an 80 gig or whatever will hold tons and tons of music, but be honest: you don't actually listen to 90% of it. The "extras" of the Touch (games, apps, internet) are worth it.

And yeah, Apple will give you I think $50 towards your iPod if you trade in an old one. I'm hanging onto my dead 32GB iPod 5G just in case I ever want to buy an iPod Touch =P