Board Suggestions

I would love to see a Prehistoric Board of some kind. How about like: E-Gadd's Prehistoric Experiment?

Many Prehistoric Rexes, Yoshis and Birdos could appear, and you may have to chase them down to get stars.

Or what about a Fair themed board? There would be many games that you can play for 10 coins to win items and stars!
I would like to see a city/casino type board, some thing that is similar to Neon Heights when you can gamble of all sorts.

What about a water themed board that explores animals and artifacts at the bottom of the ocean, you can ride on animals to maneuver around the stage and collect coins and stars from treasures and claims.
A really want to see a Pirate board. They are so much fun. It could be set up inside caves and be like King Boo's Haunted Hideaway where once a star has been gotten inside one of the rooms you could move into a different cave. I'd call it Treasure Caves... maybe

And i think it could be cool to see a board where the climate changes every turn or on a happening space. Like it could be sunny and green then the next turn it starts to snow and the ground is covered with snow. I think that could be cool
I put this in the other topic so I should put it here too.

Ruby Ruins: (Classic Mode of playing)
The Ruby Ruins hidden deep in the jungle were built in Ancient times. The temple has lots of layers and vines growing all along the wall. Some happenings including going inside the temple and coming out at another end, having Ukiki's take you into the trees and play a game for coins and going inside the temple.
RayTunes said:
I'd like to see another board that focuses on Waluigi. Not sure what it would be like, though.
DeadlyxImpulse said:
I would like to see a city/casino type board, some thing that is similar to Neon Heights when you can gamble of all sorts.
This. I loved that stage.
Gambling = More Luck

So if we get another overload of luck like we did with MP9, I hope we do NOT get a casino type board. :p
Berry Rapids
Welcome to Berry Rapids. The Three Great Berry Trees grow here and this is the way you get Stars. One of the three trees will have a star in it which will change if someone gets a star. Get to the tree with a star in it and knock it once or twice. If you pick the right amount of knocks a star will fall out however if you pick the wrong amount of knocks you will only get a berry. It cost 10 coins to knock the tree. Some happenings include paddling the boat upstream and moving a star from the tree.
I think it would be cool to go back to Character specific boards again, and would like to see Boards incorporate iconic Mushroom Kingdom locations.

For Example:

Daisy's Getaway Voyage

This Board would actually be set on Daisy's Crusie Liner, part of the ocean, and a couple of small islands, with the Cruise Liner being able to reach these islands at different times.

Obstacles would include the rising tide, Cataquaks, Sushi, and giant clams.

The playable characters would all have Tropical Vacation attire on for this level(Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, snorkel gear, sailor outfits, swimwear, sun-screened noses, grass skirts etc.)

Waluigi's Pinball Park

This Board would be set in Waluigi's Pinball Machine(which it is now being operated as a sort of theme park which would clearly fail most safety inspections.)

There would be plenty of hazards to avoid and obstacles to set loose on the competition, and even a space that would allow you to play a brief bout of Pinball on the machine in order to steal coins from your rival players.

The playable characters would all have costumes that are part Tron parody and part roller derby(helmets, knee pads, chest plates, funky glasses, roller blades, etc)

Birdo's Dream Factory

This Board would be set in Subcon from Super Mario Bros. 2, and would be based on the factory-like levels from that game, although this one would be primarily focused on the assembly and boxing of fashionable accessories such as Pink Bows and Fancy Rings.

Conyer belts, Sparks, hanging chains, and Snifits would all be obstacles and features of the board. 

The playable characters would be dressed in working gear.(Hard hats, tool belts, welder's masks, aprons, safety googles, etc.)

Rosalina's Bedtime Story

This Board would take place in the pages of Rosalina's famous Story Book! Players would be able to flip a page back and forth to change between two board layouts. A pop-out castle and village would feature on one layout and a dark forest and dragon's cave on the other.

There would be plenty of Paper Mario shout-outs on this board, like Hooktail living in the cave.

The playable characters would wear costumes based on classic fairytale characters.(Knights, Wizards, Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Little Riding-hood, etc)

Toad's Pit Stop Stadium

This Board is set in the middle of Toad Park, and is themed around a functioning go-kart track. Obstacles would include drivers in go-karts, oil slicks, and loose tires.

Depending on the turn, spaces on the racetrack become very dangerous to land on due to races suddenly starting, bringing the chaos of a typical Mario Kart race into play.

The playable characters would wear costumes themed around racing.(Race car helmets, jumpsuits, grease stained hankerchiefs, etc.)

Bowser Jr.'s Battle Playground

This Board would be set on an updated Block Fort from Mario Kart 64. The Fort would appear to have been turned into Bowser Jr.'s personal playground park since then, with the little rascal holding a pretend war there.

Obstacles would include Bullet Bills, parachuting bomb-ombs, Cannons that the player can launch out of as well as slides and sandboxes.

The playable characters would all wear amry themed costumes.(Metal helmets, camo, facepaint, walkie-talkies, boots, etc.)
Going to add some character boards (like E Gadd)

Paratoopa's Cloud Kingdom
Set up high in the sky Paratoopa's Cloud Kingdom is on mountains that reach up into the clouds. To the center of the board is a circle on top of a mountain which has a path up and down. The down path takes you dashing across clouds and mushrooms. The top path takes you on top of a mountain which has ladders taking you down to the path below and going across a mushroom to the center of the board on a bigger mushroom. On the other side of the board is another circle with a path in the top left corner, left and down. The down path takes you over to the clouds and mushroom. The top left takes you on a cliff side which has a ladder from above and takes you across to the other circle. The path left takes you on clouds which take you to the other circle.

Magikoopa Mountain
Magikoopa Mountain is the spooky and magic home of the Magikoopa's. You start off on the bottom of the mountain and the spaces go up the mountain. The path takes you left first until you start curving up the mountain. The path splits left and right. To the left is a oval shape that takes you back to before th driest path split. To the right is a small path which then splits again. If you choose up the path will go in a S shape to the near top of the mountain and then join onto another path. If you pick right you'll go on another path that way until it eventually splits either forward or down. The down path takes you back to the start whereas the path forward take you to the top of the mountain. The two paths up the top of the mountain connect and go down back to the split path heading back down to the start
Koopa Parks
Setting: A giant park contributed to Koopas
Mode: Classic (20 coin stars)
You start south of the park.
You walk clockwise in the outer circle.
You walk counter-clockwise in the inner circle.
There are 4 paths from the outer circle that takes you to the inner circle. (W, E, S, N)
There are 4 more paths that lead you to the outer circle. (NW, NE, SW, SE)
Koops gives you a star.
Happening Spaces include:
1: Changing direction of circle paths. (Clockwise is now counter-clockwise, and vice versa)
2: Talk to Koopas. (Certain ones have different items.)

Waterfall Ocean
Setting: Ocean, next to an island with a waterfall south of the island.
Mode: Star stays in the same place. (Like Mario's Rainbow Castle) (30 coin stars)
You start east of the island. You walk to the west. Then you climb down into the ocean. Swim another half circle.
Basically a full circle is the board.
Star is always east, at the end of the ocean.
Cheep cheep gives you it.
Happening Spaces include:
On Island, Piranha eats you. -10 coins
In Water, Cheep Cheep (Either eats you. -10 coins, or gives you item.)
In Water, near Waterfall, Either gives you 10 coins, a mushroom, or nothing!

Magic Mushroom Town
Setting: A town full of magic.
Mode: Classic (20 coin stars)
Gimick: Season change every 3 turns. (Sunny, rainy, snow, windy)
You start south of the town.
You walk E N E N W S W S E and you're back at start. Kind of like a stair case upside down and right side up.
You walk counter clockwise
Other Paths include:
N, E, W, S all have paths that lead to the middle which has a small circle.
NE, NW, SE, SW all have paths coming back from the circle.
Happening Spaces include:
Sunny, Mushroom item or 10 coins. 50% - 50%
Windy, 10 coins.
Snow, Triple Mushroom, 5 coins. 20% - 80%
Rainy, Nothing.
Sunny[original price] and windy[price+10 coins], items shops. (Mushroom [10], Triple Mushroom [30], Warp [15], Stealer [20])
Windy, Piranha -10 coins
Snowing, Ice Hammer Bros - 20
Sunny, Fire Hammer Boys -20
Toad And Yoshi said:
DeadlyxImpulse said:
I would like to see a city/casino type board, some thing that is similar to Neon Heights when you can gamble of all sorts.
Uh.. don't you mean Koopa's Tycoon Town from MP8? MP8 was really bad in general, but the boards were great!

Neon Heights was a city/casino type board from Mario Party 7. Except if they do have a city board I wouldn't like it to have casino elements to it. Maybe a building you go inside could be a casino and the three chests but other than that I wouldn't like it. Actually that gave me an awesome idea for a board

Mushroom City
We're back in Mushroom City! The city with the tall skyscrapers. The board is shaped like how it was in MKDD minus the highway which has been added to the other side of the two squares. Branching off the highway is another part of the city which is shaped in a square where as on the other side of he two squares has a circular plaza. Inside the squares are different buildings you can enter like a Item Shop, Casino, Battle Apartment and a few other buildings. To get stars you just have to pay 10 coins to the 3 chests on the board. One has a star, one has 5 coins and one has a Bob-Omb which sends you back for the start.
I like E. Gadd's idea with the character boards returning. As I posted in another thread, I'd like to see an mixed of old boards returning and new boards being around.

1: Yoshi's Tropical Island (Theme: Island, Beach, Summer) *Unlockable*
2: Western Land (Theme: Old West)
3: Chilly Waters (Theme: Snow, Ice, Winter) *Unlockable*
4: Goomba's Greedy Gala (Theme: Casino) *Unlockable*
5: Space Dream (Theme: Space, Future) *Unlockable*
6: E. Gadd's Garage (Theme: Labatory, Garage)
7: Padoga Peak (Theme: Foreign Country) *Unlockable*
8: Koopa's Tycoon Town (Theme: Town) *Unlockable*
9: DK's Jungle Ruins (Theme: Jungle) *Unlockable*
DS: Toadette's Music Room (Theme: Music, Instruments)
*New* Bowser Jr board (Theme: Fire, Castle) *Unlockable*
*New* Star board (Theme: Sky, Star) *Unlockable*
*New* Luigi's Mansion board (Theme: Spooky, Dark, Mansion)
*New* Sports board (Theme: Sports (is there really anything else to explain?)) *Unlockable*
*New* Kids board (Theme: Toys, Candies, anything kids like)
*New* Daisy board (Theme: Flower, Garden)
*New* Mine board (Theme: Mine, Gold, Cave) *Unlockable*
*New* Bowser's Dream board (Theme: Bedroom, Memory, Brain) *Unlockable*