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Justin5267 said:
Jessie said:
Justin5267 said:
Yeah I just saw how much I had, Hopefully I'll get there soon.
You also have to be active.

I try to be active, but sometimes I just can't get online and I don't feel it necessary to make a topic in the Joining/Leaving board.
It doesnt matter really, idk why he was trying to enforce that.

*cue wolf "its in the first post"* or something like that to where I respond with common sense. Just saved this topic from getting 2 extra posts. :p*

:p = only way i can get wolf to not get offended by this post and not take me completely seriously
ToadetteToad1 said:
cookieboy17 said:
ChickenLegs said:
What does PM mean?  Can I just comment on one of their profiles?
PM stands for personal message.

And you don't have all the requirements to get a blog yet anyways (still need 250 posts).
Thanks for telling us I was wodering what it meant How many requiremen'ts are there?
Read the first post.