Award Guidelines [Award Links Here!]

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Some things to know about the awards:

- You only get one vote per award. You can change your vote if you change your mind.
- The polls will be open until early Jan 14. Again, if you have to ask what time exactly, you're doing it too late.
- Feel free to discuss the award and the nominations in each award topic, but don't give away your vote.
- Some awards got a lot of different nominations, but I'll go ahead and let it pass. Let's just hope we don't all vote for ourselves!
- Some nominations were not accepted, simply because they didn't meet the qualifications (ex: Veteran Star).
- Member of the Year award will come later!

For an easy list of all the awards:

1. Shoutbox Star
2. Discussion Star
3. Quality Star
4. Mario Party Star
5. Mario Enthusiast Star
6. Nintendo Star
7. Gaming Star
8. Topic Star
9. Dedication Star
10. Friendship Star
11. Humor Starr
12. Activities Star
13. Art Star
14. Staff Star
15. Staff Suckup Star
16. Troll Star
17. Lurker Star
18. Best Username Star
19. Procrastinator Star
20. Too Much Time On Their Hands Star
21. Rising Star (1)
22. Rising Star (2)
23. Veteran Star
24. Event Star
25. Transformed Star
26. Shy Star
27. Blog Star
28. Best Friends Star
29. Archenemies Star
30. Collaboration Star
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