Ask Yoshi1

yoshi14 said:
Yoshi1 said:
H-J カービイ said:
Are you happy with your intended Yoshi/Yoshi pairing for Blazing Winter?
Yes, definately. I can'y wait to see what will happen!
I'm good too. I hope things go well for everyone.
Yoshi1, what did you think when blazing winter was announced?
Erm.....I didn't really expect it, but I was excited about it. Especially all the new rules as well as some old ones.
H-J カービイ said:
If you were reinstated as a moderator, which category or board would you prefer to mod and why?
I would choose out of these two for different reasons:

Video Games board - because previously as a mod, I moderated that board and also because I like the topics there.

Irrelevance board - because it is smaller than all the other boards and would suit me because if I'm busy I can quickly check if anything's wrong.