Ask the Hammer Bro!

Re vipsoccermaster:
I started to like Hammer Bro during the first time I battle him in Mario Party DS.

Re Yoshi1:
It started during my life in MPF, I was jealous that many people has a sig, so I decided to make one too.
My first sig wasn't that good, so I started practice graphic designing. From time to time, my skill keeps increasing,
and I also see my sig become better, and now I become a great digital artist like you said.
And thanks for your praise, Yoshi1.

Re H-J Kaabii:
Well, I think it's originated when I was still named "hammer bro fan", the name I used during SMPSF I. I used that
because I was still only a fan of Hammer Bro. But as I become better and better, and my reputation here is increasing,
I felt that I was a Hammer Bro, and for that I used the name Real Hammer Bro to sign that I have become a Hammer Bro...
well not really, I'm still a human in real life obviously.
Re yoshi14:
I have friends around me, there are nearby stores so I can buy things easily, and my neighbourhood is perfect for cycling.
Re H-J:
You think he wanted me to make him a sig? Well I'll include Dry Bones (obviously), bloody look (if that's allowed) or at least a bit creepy aura.
At least I wanted to go to USA just once in my life, because there's a lot of things I can buy... although I can't imagine how expensive it is.
And yes, NWFC has better signal in USA, that's something else I like.