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Heh, I kind of saw that coming.

Yoshi became my favorite first then Daisy became my second. It was when I was little, I seemed to like playing as Yoshi in Mario parties 2 and 3. As i became older, I started doing research about his appearances and other things. I believe I also liked him because I played the Yoshi series a lot (Super Mario World 2 and Yoshi's Story) when I was a little kid. He became my favorite video game character a long time ago.

As for Princess Daisy, it was kinda recent, I'd say 2012. I really liked her personality and I liked how well she paired with Peach and Luigi. She brought a little change to the main series plot-wise in Super Mario land, the two Super Mario Lands are really cool in my opinion. I also loved the scene in Mario Party 3 where she slapped Bowser hard enough to launch him like Team Rocket. That will always be my favorite moment in Mario Party 3.
Vipsoccermaster said:
I used to play Yoshi's Story a lot, too. Fun game. Speaking of Yoshi's Story, which stage is your favorite? Why?

Ah, it's been a year or two. But it's Jungle Puddle. I was always afraid to play it because of the giant Cheep Cheeps. But it's one of the most challenging and one of the most fun levels. I just love the music that plays in it (Jungle Fever), it just fits it very well and I just like it despite being very creepy.
My favorite Yoshi color is green. Despite red being my favorite color. I also like green and that's the color of the main Yoshi in the Mario crew. I also like the pitch of Green Yoshi's voice in Yoshi's Story (I believe they are all slightly different or it's just the black and white ones).
No, I can't really remember being outside of the United States. I want to one day though. I think I may have been to Canada when I was around one year old though.

I also attempted to get all melons in Jungle Puddle specifically, I just never succeeded. I don't really try that anymore. I also listened to that exact track awhile ago.... 

Hm, I never noticed how quickly I did it. I just posted in topics I was interested in. I enjoy posting my thoughts and contributing to the discussion when I can. I took my time with each one, I wasn't in a rush that's for sure.

I am not really concerned about Post count, but it's nice to have.