Ask Kingboo

Yoshi1 said:
Why do you like Wind Waker so much, kingboo?
Long story. (one of my favorite questions)
Ah, well I grew up with wind waker. As a very young boy I got The Legend of Zelda Collecter Edition for christmas it included a demo of wind waker. I loved the game wind waker from the very start. It was the first game I ever played also. I loved it so much I bought the full edition next day.  The storyline was great. Since I was young meaning I'll get influence, without a problem.

Overall I just loved how it was, I was attached to the music also. so, actually I don't know what sparked my mind to being obsessed with a game.

My friend is also a reason, he's obsessed with it also.
H-J カービイ said:
Now, which username do you prefer? The enigmatic bowsirbleck or the now-famous kingboo? Also, how did you decide to create the username bowsirbleck?
I prefer the kingboo. I wanted a unique username. It's actually Bowser, Sir grodus, and Count Bleck combined into one fake word. At the time when I first registered I loved the paper mario games. So that's how I made it :p