Ask DJ

BossBlitz88 said:
Sometimes I go and look at old topics and and I see how old those are and how you and some others are still here. It's kinda impressive to stay here for so long. How do you do it lol?
Tbqh, I believe it's some of the online friends I made that keep me coming. Though, I've had my moments of inactivity lol, but always come back to have a look and end up staying again.

BossBlitz88 said:
Oh, and I forgot, how do you put a border on a image with rounded corners? I've gotten the hang of GIMP for the most part, it's just this that confuses me.
How I would do it is, I would suggest using 2 layers of the same shape you want. There would be a bigger one and it'd be behind a smaller one. That bigger layer would basically be the border and the smaller one would contain all of what you want for the signature.
If you're using the round corner option, basically duplicate the pic and play with the sizes, then you can just play with the colors and such. I don't know if it's clear lol.