Ask DJ

Honestly, most are pretty much at the same level. Zelda is probably the serie I am the most looking forward to. After that, I'd go with DK and Metroid. I'm really curious to see what they do next for those two series. That's pretty much it, the other series can be interesting to see, but nothing I am looking forward. At least, not until I see a pic, vid or whatever else. :)
Vipsoccermaster said:
Ah, I see.

Which ONE series from Sony are you looking forward to at E3 2013?
They said something about an Uncharted 4 coming for the PS4, so that would be the main one I am looking forward for now. I guess like almost every year, there will be some interesting new IPs, but I can't really tell for now. I doubt there will be another God Of War for now, since Ascension will get release just now. It could be interesting to see a new Infamous game, it would also be cool if Jak & Daxter came back with somthing new, same for Ratchet & Clank, even though I never played one of those two series.
Mother4Ever said:
OKAY DJ! I have a questions! What made you change you're profile name to Colyton? Is that your name or something???
I had done a randomized album cover long ago, with a random name, quote and pic. One of the random things was Colyton and I thought it was a pretty cool word and name.

Kind of powerful to me. :p