2 Years in MPL!

A year of magic with Disney.....I mean Mario Party Legacy. So, a year ago exactly I joined this forum as CaptainShyguy. I met many people, people who helped me, people who played with me and I made lots of friends. I want to say that even if the site had some problems in the past: bad staff, it got hacked, was down for a short time, noobs joining and etc, it is still a fantastic forum to come (even if sometimes I'm bored)

And here come the special thanks (this idea was stole from other members =P):

My first thanks goes to:
MLYW: It goes to MLYW, cuz without him, I would probably have made some big mistakes. On the first week I joined he sent me a PM telling me to be careful and I really thanks him for that. Not only that, he's also a great friend and I loved the christmas gift!

Then I would like to thank BerryLarry200 for being one of my best friends on this forum. It's great to talk with you and you're great. I hope you'll stay my great and awesome friend! <3

I would like to thank two Canadians from this forum: MattC and Daisy. The two of you are awesome and funny. It's great to talk with both of you, share things and etc. Daisy you are my favorite whore....jk, but you are a great girl. MattC13, funny and pretty cool guy!

Then, Aegis, Snowy and Cookieboy, without you the forum would simply be so boring. You make me laugh and you are cool persons. Hope you won't leave soon, cuz the forum will be kind of boring, maybe not the worst boring place, but y'know.

I would like to thank Vipsoccermaster and H-J too. Both of you have helped me be a good member, you've also done great work on the forum and site and made this place great. You're both great friends and great admins (when you were admin Vip, but you are cool g-mod).

Other people I must thank are Wolf, Dark Boo, Kingboo, SZ and Chubbo!!

One year and 2,000 posts, thank you MPL.

I will also use my first display name and a new sig.
Aye, aye. Same to you, dude. You've been one of the cool wiggas here and I am thankful for that.
Today marks my 2 years of activity in MPL. 2 years ago, exactly this date at around 10pm I joined MPL, known as Super Mario Party Site Forum back in the days. I've seen people come and go through these 2 years. Time goes so fast, it feels like I joined last week, lol. I wanna say that you guys have made my journey on this site amazing. I won't make long texts about many members, but I'll still name a few members that I think are important and have made my journey awesome. I wanna thank: Vip, H-J, Wolf, Dark Boo, Yoshi8984, Cook and obviously SZ. Thank you and hope I'll be able to stay more years with you guys!